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With guest writer Steven Gantt, former star of Gigolos, Showtime's reality series about Las Vegas men who have sex for money

Stretched: Erotic Fiction that Fondles the Imagination
Winner of a 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award

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Bored with BDSM?

Come Back to Civilized Sex

Stretched has:
A Gang Bang
A Psychosexual Creature
Sloppy Seconds
Sex with a Machine
A Lube Orgy
An FMM Bi Threesome
and much more...

Surprise has:
Erotic Asphyxiation
An Exhibitionist
Sex in Public Places
A Detatchable Penis
An FFM on a Plane
and much more...

All expertly told to titilate you.

Surprise, An Erotic Fiction Anthology from Racy Pages
Surprise: An Erotic Fiction Anthology from Racy Pages
Winner of a 2011 Independent Publisher Book Award

Nearly everyone loves surprises—especially sexy ones. A surprise can make you feel special, cared for, and if it includes anticipation, tingly in all the right places. Stories in this anthology capture the sensations of surprise—those split-second surges of adrenaline when you realize things are not what they seemed. In these pages you will find reading that is arousing, humorous, exciting, fun and most of all entertaining.

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[No Rules] 
The great thing about erotica is that traditional rules do not apply. Characters in erotic fiction can charge directly into sexual situations, as opposed to those who resist, and only after a lengthy period of persuasion, finally give in to carnal pleasure. The men and women of erotica can plan and set into play the sexually gratifying scenes of their choice, rather than allowing their experiences to be determined by someone else’s desires. Though there may not always be happily ever after conclusions in erotica, these characters get what they want during the the story.

B U Z Z . . . B U Z Z . . . B U Z Z . . . B U Z Z . . . B U Z Z

Jane's Guide says we're Quality. See their review of Racy Pages by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page.

In September, Surprise received a fantastic Review from Midwest Book Review. "A pleasant surprise is always nice, but some can be a good deal nicer than others. 'Surprise: An Erotic Fiction Anthology from Racy Pages' is a collection of sexy short stories from a wide array of authors as they use their pens to excite and entice, providing food for thought along the way. For anyone who isn’t afraid of a little fire, 'Surprise' may prove quite the surprise."

Surprise received a glowing Review from Bookgasm in August. Here is an excerpt: "The sex is sexy, but it's actually part of an honest-to-gosh story. Some [stories] even are satirical — especially the handful of flash-fiction single-pagers — tweaking the conventions of the genre, winking at the reader as they deliver a well-placed punchline. Better yet, the contents are varied, so it's not like … oh, say, assuming the missionary each and every time." Read the full text at Bookgasm

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And because we like naughty surprises, here are a few to watch for in the Twilight Movies
waterfall near Cullen field

Even if vampires and werewolves don’t raise your pulse rate, the actors in these movies are all sorta beautiful, the love story is as entangling as a spider’s web, and the lush, rain-soaked forests should be enough to draw you in. If not, you may be a ‘cold one’. These films have a lot of good stuff to offer, not the least of which are a few naughty surprises.

While our lovely heroine, Bella, is searching Google for information on Quileute Legends, one of the results is “Legends of the Slapping Beaver.” Hmm, innocent coincidence or double entendre?

In the same manner, the bar where Bella finds the ‘random loser’ in “New Moon” is named “One Eyed Pete’s”. Is the creator of this name winking at us—with one eye?

Also, in the first film during the baseball game, Edward flips Emmett off as they both land on the ground after going for Carlisle’s ball. It seems a bit out of character for Edward, but perhaps we’ll be seeing more sides of him (wink wink) in the films to come.

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